{kA}: Oblivious to Gravity
— Chambers for Space Inquiries

2012/06/22 — Opening of REGIONALE XII in Murau and surroundings

REGIONALE XII opens today in Murau and surroundings. The building composition in the old tannery (alte Gerberei) by Gerriet K. Sharma will be presented to the public for the first time.

After four weeks of testing and installation the building sound composition opens on friday 22. June 2012. The work can be experienced every day from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. until 22nd of July.

For the building compositions in the old tannery at Anna-Neumann-Straße 20 in Murau, the building has been divided into three acoustic zones. I. Cellar II. Living Area III. Workshop.

Each of these spaces has its own distinct sound properties due to its original use and construction. The artist discovered these distinct properties during an inquiry and interrogation phase lasting several weeks. He also researched the history of the building and analysed the surrounding soundscape. His deliberations resulted in a compositional response: an installation with 32 loudspeakers. Thirty-six sound compositions, which are three to six minutes long, are set against the three zones within the building. Visitors to the installation can move freely about the building or can choose to linger in the seated areas provided by the sound artist Gerriet K. Sharma. This way, the composed interplay between the building and the electro-acoustic soundscape can both function as an installation and as a concert where the visitor can appreciate the work when seated. The visitor now becomes part of the composition—producing sounds that become part of the soundscape, or influencing, both visually and acoustically, how other visitors experience the space.