{kA}: Oblivious to Gravity
— Chambers for Space Inquiries

2013/08/28 — The Chambers for Space Inquiries at Musiknacht Cologne 2013 at St. Peter's Church

The Chambers for Space Inquiries will perform a spatial building-composition by using the issit (in situ sound installation tool) that was delveloped since 2010 and comprises a multichannel audio system with 32 speakers and software tools for the question and answer play with the site. This time the Chambers also use a turntable orchestra with eight identical devices and prepared LPs.

By this the spatial properties of the building, architecture and atmosphere will be acoustically tested and learned. The whole space of the church will become an integral constituent of the composition.

Nico Bergmann – issit, patches & turntables
Gerriet K. Sharma – issit, patches & turntables