{kA}: Oblivious to Gravity
— Chambers for Space Inquiries


Wurzburg, Graz, Murau, Zagreb, Graz2, Cologne

Building-sound composition for the French Pavillion at the Music Biennale Zagreb.


Curated by Davorka Begovic the Chambers will create a new work in the cause of the series of works “{kA} : Oblivious to Gravity” for the historical building of the French Pavillion at the Music Biennale Zagreb.

The new piece will be premiered at the opening of the biennale on 18th April at 12h59 p.m. Further concerts will be given the following seven nights at the same time.

Lecture on 20th April 2015, 15h00 at the fetival centre:

{kA} : Oblivious to Gravity Building Sound Compositions in (half-)public spaces Lecture on strategies, techniques and mysteries of the series of works

The lecture will reveal different experiences from the last 5 years of travelling, composing and documenting. Musical and theoretical approaches will be discussed as well as organizational troubles, hubris and debris. Based on various examples from former works, including the experiences from the new piece for the French Pavilion in Zagreb, Gerriet K. Sharma will show how he developed the instrument and compositional tool for building sound compositions, compositional method and practical skills outside the shiny ivory towers and encapsulated studio atmospheres of computer music and so called serious music. He also discusses the academic and artistic motivations for confronting “high-art” with the art of “high-every-day-life”, the importance of reflection, scenography and documentation and his ongoing interest in the composition of space. Furthermore he will propose a rethinking of the idea of ensembles in New Music and postmodern society using the example of „The Chambers for Space Inquiries“, the group founded in 2011 for performing building sound compositions internationally.